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About David Barratt [Miller] Ring

Dave Ring, web searching for his grandfather, Edward W. Miller, came upon an account of his grandfather's life written for his daughter, Ruth Miller Collings, David's aunt, and published online in 2006. He got in touch by e-mailing this material to me. Any words within square brackets were added later, by me, in the editing process. --Jerrianne (Johnson) Lowther, 2007

I was web searching last night for Edward W. Miller (my grandfather) and came for the first time on the installments of his life story, written for Ruth Miller Collings, which you posted [online in 2006].

Ruth must be my aunt, sister of my father, Frederic Young Miller. I grew up not knowing my dad, since he and my mom split up early in my life, but I have learned quite a bit about him from a large collection of letters he wrote her during World War II. I've been trying to find his sisters (Ruth and Grace) and brother Hugh (middle name Cozier). I think I found the right Ruth Miller Collings cited in connection with a library in Escondido, California, and a possibility for Hugh Miller in Ventura, California, but no e-mail address for either. If you could forward my e-mail address to Ruth Miller Collings, I would love to hear from her. [Grace is deceased but Ruth quickly responded.]

To introduce myself, I am Dave Ring. Edward W. Miller, was my grandfather. His son Frederic met my mother, Eileen Greear, at Chaffey High School in Ontario, California, and married her after serving in World War II.

I was an only child, born in 1951 and raised by my mom after she and Fred divorced when I was a year or two old. My last name changed when I was adopted by my mom's third husband, but originally I was David Barratt Miller. I remember seeing my father, Fred, only once (when I was in grade school and he used two small bronze bowls to show me how the moon could show only one face while revolving around the Earth).

I graduated from Upland High School in 1969, and went to Pomona College where I met my wife. She brought me much-needed brothers and sisters, as well as our daughter.

After college, I went to UC Berkeley, got a Ph.D. in biochemistry, postdoc'd with Marc Kirschner at UCSF from '78-'80, then went to work for Cetus (an early biotech firm that was swallowed by Chiron and then in turn by Novartis). I've worked on both monoclonal antibodies and small molecule drugs, but am now retired.

My hobbies include hiking, gold panning, Tai Chi and Aikido, but I can't do as much of these as I'd like, due to Parkinson's.

I love old things, and hearing and telling stories, so I don't think paying my dues [for The Bulletin] will be hard. Attached are a couple of images of me on a 2004 trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.


Dave watching bald eagles, left; Dave, on porch, Signal Mountain Lodge, right.

Also attached: two images of a chess board Edward W. Miller made for me in 1958. I also have a coffee table, two end tables, a corner cupboard and a cedar chest made by Edward Miller and inherited from my mom or the Harnish family who "adopted" her.

Thanks for posting the story segments!