Plate 18
(This plate is still under construction.)


Inga and Lars Borreson family
(Donald's paternal uncle and aunt)

Top left: Lars and Inga Borreson's family. Laila left, Ole and Thelma on Inga's lap, Leonard behind Inga, then Lars and Thoralf at right. Top right: Inga.

Middle left: Leonard, Thoralf, Laila, Ole, Thelma. Middle right: Laila and Thelma.

Bottom left: Ole, Thelma, Inga, Thoralf. Bottom right: Stella.

"Dad [Lars Borreson], Uncle Simon and a man named Sather came to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, about the year 1880. They all made good money, as there were three sawmills working along the river. Dad put his money into a large brick house, also a summer house and woodshed.

"It was not long before the mills closed down, however, and business was at a standstill, so Dad moved up on the north side and things were not any better. So Dad sold everything he could spare to get enough money to buy a couple of nags of horses. One he paid $40 for and the other $60 and, of course, he had money for a large box car and started for Canada.

"It took 10 days to go from LaCrosse to Gainsboro, Saskatchewan. Dad stayed at the hotel all that time. I had some plush furniture in the car also that belonged to Uncle Simon. I had some kind of a trail as far as a man named Robertson who took Dad up to show him where his homestead was. For that he charged only $2. I had to follow their buggy trails.

"So Dad and I started building a sod house. As soon as we had it finished, Uncle Simon brought Inga and Leonard, who was the first born at that time....

"I went south with uncle Simon to work for my cousin, Louie Peterson, who had a farm south of Rugby, North Dakota....

"When I went to work for Louie Peterson, Dad and Levi built a sod barn." [Excerpt from Carl Borreson's recollection of Lars and Inga Borreson's history. Carl Borreson and his brother Levi were Lars Borreson's sons from his first marriage. There was also another son, Ben, and a daughter, Belinda.]