Plate 20
(This plate is still under construction.)


Anna Louise Olson Johanson
(Donald's paternal grandmother)

Top left: Anna Louise Olson Johanson and brother (?)

Top right: Anna Louise Olson Johanson and sister (?)

Bottom: Two photos of Anna Louise Olson Johanson Larson in her later years, after Jens died and she married Ole T. Larson.

The top two photos appear to be of Anna Louise Olson Johanson, possibly with a brother (left) and a sister (right). However, there is no identification on the photos and no one knows whether she even had brothers and sisters. Both photos appear to have been made at or near the same time. She is even wearing the same dress. The second photo is a photocopy of the original, which is missing. The young man is tentatively identified as a brother based on ages and facial resemblance. He cannot be Jens Johanson, based on the age difference of 30 years. A photo of an older, bearded man, labeled only "Per Olson," could be of the same person. Ardelle speculated that this person might have been her brother, if she had a brother, because they had the same last name.