Plate 23
(This plate is still under construction.)


Anna and Jens Johanson's grandchildren
(Donald's cousins)

Top left: Mabel Johnson, Lena's oldest daughter, the first Johanson grandchild.

Top right: Harry Johnson (Lena and Ole Johnson's son), in World War I. uniform.

Bottom: Harry Johnson (in uniform, just left of center) returned from World War I. and all the relatives turned out to welcome him home, circa 1920. Oscar to left of Harry, Vernie on his right. Ole is in black shirt and Lena at his right. Eva is behind the lady in black at the right side of the photo. Nina (Mrs. George) Johnson is at extreme right.

Harry Johnson went through the thickest of World War I. and was severely shell-shocked, according to a note written on the back of a photo by Donald Johnson. Ardelle Johnson Blazeski thought he served in Germany, but all his service records were lost and he never received a military pension or any other veteran's benefits.

Thelma Borreson Surdam recalled Harry's picture on the piano during the war and the worry concerning his safe return.