Plate 25
(This plate is still under construction.)


George and Nina Johnson's picnic excursions
(Donald's paternal uncle, aunt and cousins)

Top left: Nina, Arnold, Lydia (an orphan who was related and lived with them for some years) and Ardelle on picnic. George Johnson had a camera and made many postcard photos, probably including this one.

Top right: Vernie, Raymond, Arnold, Lydia and Ardelle at a spring at Lena and Ole Johnson's farm. They got all their water from this spring and used it as a cooler. Lena carried water from this spring and washed all the clothes on a washboard. The spring was apparently an iodine-deficient water source, as all or most of the family developed goiters. (The spring is still there, per Ardelle Johnson Blazeski.)

Bottom: Sunday bicycle excursion in Wisconsin (no names or date).

Lydia and her sister, Alice, were Nina Overn Johnson's half-brother's girls. His wife died when the girls were small and a year later he died in a farm accident. George and Nina raised Lydia and Alice lived with another aunt. They both died in a rest home within a week of each other in the spring of 1988.

Excerpt from Donald B. Johnson manuscript:

"My uncle George was the only 'city' relative Pa had down there.

"In his later years, he drove an ... ice cream truck for quite a while.... The last time I was there [circa 1950], he had retired...." [2.63-4]