Plate 28
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Visiting Cousins
(Donald's family takes a road trip to visit Wisconsin in 1932)

Top: Wisconsin cousins in jalopy. Marjory Johnson [Knowles Chrisman] and Thelma Borreson [Surdam] in front seat; Bobby Olson cranking it to start it.

Middle: Marjory Johnson [Knowles Chrisman], Stella Borreson [Resimius], Thelma Borreson [Surdam] in Wisconsin.

Bottom: Arnold Johnson (George's son), on motorcycle, visited Bennie Johnson's farm at Ashby in 1930 en route to Montana.

Excerpt from Donald B. Johnson manuscript:

"When we took the trip to Wisconsin after Marj's graduation [from Humboldt Institute in Minneapolis in 1932], I was 19 and Marj was 16 and we really had a good time. Our cousins Thelma and Stella Borreson from North Dakota (also 19 and 16) and our Wisconsin cousins, Bobby and Oscar Olson (13 and 15) got to drive around some. The six of us were a real live, fun bunch. There was a family picnic one day and many more cousins, but most of them were older...." [21.168-2]