Plate 21
(This plate is still under construction.)


Anna Louise Olson Johanson
(Donald's paternal grandmother)

Top left: Anna Louise Olson Johanson with granddaughters Mabel Johnson (Olson) and Ardelle Johnson (George Johnson's daughter), who was pouting because she didn't want her picture taken that day. (Photo circa 1916.) Ardelle recalled that at age 5 she was "a cute little thing with red curls" and her parents were busy in the restaurant, so everyone in town helped look after her and she "got spoiled real bad." She said the shoes she wore in the photo were her favorites and when her feet grew too big for them she "got mad again."

Top right: Anna Louise Olson Johanson with granddaughters Laila Inga Borreson (left), daughter of Lars and Inga Borreson; and Marion Olson (right), daughter of Melvin and Olga Olson. Laila was born August 25, 1908; the photo was made about January 1909 when Inga went to LaCrosse from Antler, Saskatchewan, to see her doctor about the paralysis affecting her legs. [The illness, unnamed at the time, was probably multiple sclerosis]. (Per Thelma Borreson Surdam.)

Bottom: Four generations (circa 1920): Anna with daughter Lena Johnson, granddaughter Alphie Johnson Gilbertson and great-granddaughter Marguerite Idella Gilbertson, born July 22, 1918, age 1-1/2 years.