Plate 27
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In the footsteps of the explorers
(Donald's family takes a road trip to visit Wisconsin in 1921)

Top: Train on bridge over Mississippi River (photo 1932).

Middle: Sugarloaf Hill, Winona, Minnesota (photo 1932).

Bottom: Spiral bridge, Hastings, Minnesota (photo 1932).

Excerpt from Donald B. Johnson manuscript:

"The year Marj and I were 5 and 8, we took a trip in the brand new 1921 Model T (probably in June) to see both Pa's and Ma's relatives." [2.61-2]

"In the school geography book there was a picture of Sugar Loaf Hill near Winona, and when we went through there, I was wondering if we would see it. Sure enough, there it was, just like in the geography book.

"I'd also seen a picture of the only spiral bridge in the world, at Hastings. When we went over that, I felt like I had really been seeing the world, following the footsteps of the early explorers who wrote the geography book." [2.64-2]

"I don't know how long we were on that trip, maybe two weeks or so. On the way home from Wisconsin, we went through a little town up along the Mississippi called Dresback. Pa told how it got its name. A steamboat pushing a barge was going by there and stopped for something. One of the boys on the boat swiped a dress off a clothesline along the river and put it up on the front of the barge like a flag. When they started down the river again, the lady came running out of the house hollering, 'Bring my dress back, bring my dress back,' so that got to be the name of the town." [2.64-1]